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Vegas Seven Magazine

"Hoffman’s path to recovery post-Ibogaine—what he calls “after-care”—comprises a rigorous schedule of daily yoga, exercise and organic, home-cooked meals. Ibogaine is only the beginning."
-- Ian Caramanzana

Las Vegas Review Journal

"Holistic House, which works to rehabilitate addicts through alternative methods such as yoga, meditation, organic eating and several other unorthodox approaches."
-- Michael Lyle

Colorado Springs Independent

"At Holistic House, patients are engaged in a variety of yoga practices, boxing, gym workouts, nature hikes, flotation tank sessions, Reiki, consultations with healers and western therapy, among other things"
-- J. Adrian Stanley

The Fix Online Magazine

"Justin Hoffman's Holistic House uses plant remedies to treat addiction in people who, like him, did not find success in 12-step rehabs."
-- Tracy Chabala

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