About Us

We are a team of skilled and dedicated professionals diligently trained in our areas of expertise to come together to create a unique plan for your detox with all of the modalities we have learned and developed over the years. We are all individuals, and that's why each person's program is individually tailored for their specific needs.


Tishara Lee Cousino

Tishara is a Certified Kambo Practitioner with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners, Herbalist, Holy Fire Reiki Master and has been studying holistic natural health for over 22 yrs.

Justin Hoffman

An opiate addict of 19 years was able to defeat his addiction, and now he has found a calling to help others and does just that by welcoming suffering addicts into his home.

This ex-addict is a high-profile DJ, his house is in Henderson, and his remedies are all-natural.The ex-Light Group music programmer's second to none alternative to the sober living model pairs natural remedies such as herbs, daily yoga, food and meditation to transition recovering addicts through the rough period between detox and normal life.

While in a deep depression, he saw a documentary about the hallucinogen Ibogaine, which is an alternative way to treat addiction. Hoffman jumped at the first chance to try the treatment.

Following his epiphany, circumstances turned Hoffman from a recovered addict to a philanthropist, and opened Holistic House in July to help other addicts and spread the message of holistic medicine. Like his uncle, Abbie Hoffman, who stirred the world as a political and social activist, Justin aims to make a positive contribution to society.

Spero G. Alexio - Psychotherapist

Spero Alexio is a clinically trained psychotherapist and researcher in the field of addictive illness who has joined the staff at Holistic House to provide individual and group therapy. He is considered both an expert in the dynamics of relapse and a pioneer in the area of non-traditional treatment. He encourages clients to view themselves as “human beings” who have addictive behavior, not “addicts” who are defective.

Spero received a BA in Psychology from the University at Buffalo (1997) where he served as a research assistant under Dr. Gail Mauner. He received a double master’s in Psychology and Psychiatric Social Work from Fordham University (2002). Mr. Alexio interned at Creedmoor State Hospital, Queens, N.Y and Weil Cornell Medical College, White Plains, New York. He has done independent research work focused on the conditioning aspects of stimulant type drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine and written numerous articles on addiction.

Spero uses a multi-modal approach to treating addiction that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy, relapse prevention and SMART recovery meetings. He often works with individuals who don’t do well in traditional rehabs and 12 step meetings and stresses the importance of taking full responsibility for recovery.

He is a colleague of internationally recognized addiction expert Terry Gorski and has been certified as a relapse prevention specialist through the Center for Applied Sciences.

Mr. Alexio explains his interest in Holistic House, “One of the things that attracted me to their program is the variety of natural treatments that immediately helps recovering individuals feel better physically. And unlike most rehabs, they don’t overload the client with addiction/recovery information. The Holistic House staff, under the direction of Justin Hoffman, are dedicated and passionate about the care they provide”

In addition to working with clients at Holistic House, Spero is the founder and director of the Qtherapy Institute in Las Vegas where he developed a meditation based treatment for chronic relapse clients. He is actively involved in furthering the understanding of addiction through public speaking engagements and mentoring young addiction professionals.

Wayne Hilterbran

Wayne Hilterbran is a Holy Fire Reiki Master Spiritual Counselor, Minister and Wedding Officiant. He has studied energy in various capacities and different modalities blending them together for optimum results. Being led in the spirit, Wayne opened Spiritus Reiki Center July 10,2014. Starting the center with a few people, it has now expanded in a short span of time and continues to grow. Since the opening, the center has been blessed to be the guardian of a breathtaking Crystal Angel Bed.

Damon D'amato

Damon is a dedicated instructor for qi gong & Wu Style Tai Chi . He began studying from Bruce Frantzis “Opening the Energy Gates of your Body” this helped him understand the fundamental principal of Heaven, Earth and Man. When the positive and negative are connected, the life current can flow naturally~ As a qi-sciple of Jeff Primack & Supreme Science he understands that it is through great effort and genuine humility that a person transcends. Breath empowerment and all the forms in Level 1 & 2 including Level 3 & Qi strength training including the food healing concept are critical for longevity! It has become his mission to share in the knowledge to anyone and everyone who wishes to live a healthier life and increase the quality in which they live. He feels that it is his responsibility now that he uses his gifts to help positively influence those around him. A powerful movement for all and a way to attain balance discipline and perseverance!

Richard Dilley

Richard is a graduate from one of the top rated holistic massage therapy schools in the country, The Colorado School of Healing Arts. Richard is a dedicated massage therapist helping to facilitate the healing process in others through multiple modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, sports massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology.

Massage is applied to improve the circulation systemically in order to secure a good nutritional supply to all tissues. It is also utilized to enhance the venous return which is essential for the removal of toxins. To this, end massage movements like effleurage and petrissage are applied to the superficial tissues and to muscles. Circulation to the visceral organs can also be enhanced using similar techniques and, in some cases, by more specific methods.

Lymphatic massage is a special form of massage that specifically targets the flow of lymph in the body. It uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate the lymph, encouraging its movement towards the heart for the drainage of fluid and waste. Lymphatic massage has shown in studies to push up to 78 percent of stagnant lymph back into circulation. This mobilizes toxins for clearance, lessening the burden on the lymphatic system.